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*sponsor packages are now available!*


You asked, we answered! You can now "adopt"/sponsor an animal here at Picture Perfect Ranch! Perfect for the animal lover in your life who would LOVE to own a fluffy cow (or any animal we own), but just can't yet! 


Each sponsorship package includes:

-official certificate from the ranch with a photo collage

-a tour gift certificate to come meet their adopted animal (or FaceTime call if you are out of state/not able to physically visit)

-a Picture Perfect Ranch shirt

-a stuffed animal version of whatever animal they adopted 

-“A Day at Picture Perfect Ranch” ebook 

-a social media shoutout from the animal they adopted personally thanking them


Each sponsorship is $200 and is good for an entire year! 


Do you live out of state but still want to sponsor an animal?! We can mail your sponsorship kit to you AND set up a virtual tour so you can still meet your adopted buddy!

Available to Adopt:
🐮 Cows (Cash, Lainey, Dolly, June, Janis, Jolene, Johnny, Fancy)
🦙 Alpacas (Tupaca, Merle, Carl Wayne, Chewpaca, Conway Spitty, Samson)
🐴 Mini Horses (Tiny Tim, Billie Jean, Henrietta, Lil Sebastian, Luna, Augusta)
🫏 Mini Donkeys (Loretta, Patsy, Kyle, Kevin)
🐷 Pigs (Pig Poppa, Piggie Smalls, Sweet Caroline)
🐐 Goats (Martina, Shania, Wilbur, Socks, Dixie, Norma, JoJo, Jane)
🐶 Dogs (Charlie, Marlee, Izzy, Bella)
🦆 Ducks (Chuck the Duck )
🐔 Chickens (Billie Ray, Cluck Norris, Salt, Peppa)
🐱 Cat (Greyson)

Message us to start your sponsorship today! 🫶

*Thank MOO to our sponsors*
-Braylee Queler (Reba 2024)

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