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Come meet the crew at picture perfect ranch!

Looking for something to do in Lancaster, Ohio ?! Come meet our Moo crew and the rest of our furry friends at Picture Perfect Ranch!

During your guided tour you will have a chance to cuddle any babies we have and take as many pictures with them as you'd like! You will also have a chance to meet our pigs, goats, horses, dogs, chickens, rabbits, and ducks. You will also get to feed the alpacas and highland cows! Once your tour is done, you will get your goodie bag and visit our gift shop!

Tours are booked hourly so we ask that you please be on time so we can stay on schedule for the next tour. We highly recommend you wear old clothes you don't mind getting dirty and good walking shoes or boots!

After your guided tour, you are more than welcome to enjoy a picnic at our picnic table or anywhere on the property (please do not feed the animals - some things are surprisingly toxic to different species).


Feel free to also take photos next to or on our vintage truck, Jeep, or tractor!

Come experience all the peace and beauty the ranch has to offer! We can't wait to meet you!

Tour Pricing:

 $60 for up to five people. Kiddos that are under 1 are FREE!

You don't have to have 5 total, but the price will remain the same.


If you have more than 5 people that is fine too!

 Additional people are $12 each and can be paid for the day of the tour via cash, Venmo, cash app or Zelle.

Rain policy:

We do tours rain or shine with the option to reschedule IF it's raining during your time slot.

Most of our animals are either in the barn or have barn access so you will see the majority of the animals inside even if it's raining!


With that being said, you will get wet to see the cows so either bring an umbrella/raincoat if the weather looks questionable or contact us to reschedule your tour!


*Refunds will not be given for late arrival, no shows, or cancellations due to us shutting down the calendar for your private tour*


Do you allow people in the pasture with your Highland Cows during tours or allow photoshoots with them inside the pasture?


The short answer is no, not anymore. We tried it once and realized it was not the responsible thing to do. 


A lot of people are surprised when we say that because it’s SO common nowadays to see. But just because you see it elsewhere, doesn’t mean it’s safe. We work with these animals daily and know the risks that come with it. Cattle are not trained circus animals, and even the sweetest souls can become aggressive at a moment's notice. We care about your safety more than we can about making money. Please remember, they are 1,200 lb animals that can throw their horns at any given moment if they are spooked, annoyed, in pain, or feel like they are protecting their herd. Have you ever watched a 1,200 lb animal charge you while you were calculating if you would have enough time to get to the gate and get safely out? I have, and I promise you it’s not something you want to pay to experience. 


Expecting our herd to always be in a good mood, never be territorial of their herd or babies, and never get spooked is not realistic, nor is it a fair expectation to put on a livestock animal. The babies you see cuddling on the ground for photo shoots are more than likely bottle babies which means they were pulled from their mothers. We would never pull a baby from its mother to make more money. Our babies are with their mothers 24/7 and if we tried to borrow one for a session, it would probably be the last thing we did. Also, calves are NOT incapable of causing harm. Especially when you are wanting to sit your one-year-old baby right next to it. That could also be a tragic accident waiting to happen. 


With that being said, our herd is BEYOND friendly. They run to you like puppies for treats. They know their names. They will “kiss” your face if you let them. They love people, they love attention. They even are pretty good at posing for photos. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of hurting or killing someone on accident. We could gamble and risk it and make a LOT more money, but at what cost? 


We promise you can love them and get your fluffy cow fix without risking your safety or the safety of your loved ones. So yes you will get to scratch, pet, take selfies, and love on our cows during your tour. Yes, they will gladly be in your photos in the background or even right behind you if you are holding treats! But no, you will not go inside the pastures here at Picture Perfect Ranch because we love our herd and we love our community. We don’t want to see anything happen to any of you. Even with a signed waiver, a responsible farmer will never put you in harm's way. 

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