Say hello to our little friends!

When you come to visit the ranch, you are going to meet a little bit of everything! We currently have 60 animals including:

Highland Cows: Reba, Dolly, and Patsy

Horses: Rio and Fancy
Miniature Horses:  Lil' Sebastian and Winston
Alpacas: Al Pacino and Chewpaca
Dogs: Marlee and Charlie
Cats: Petey, Gizmo, Greyson, Boots, Mittens, and Nighthawk, 
Pigs: Big Poppa, Piggie Smalls, Sweet Caroline, and Charlotte
Goats: Norman, Waylon, Wilbur, Willow, Jolene, Martina, Mable, Roxanne, and June

Sheep: Murphy
Bunnies: Janis Hoplin, Cyndi Loper, Stevie Kicks, Billie Jean, Bunny Cash and Ozzy Osbun

and we can't forget our Quack Shack and Fluffy Butt Hut full of 20 ducks and chickens!